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Hi guys,

This is Snowlin, so excited to see you here. About me, I was once a successful Software Engineer and now I am a proud mother of 2 kids. This is my blog space to share my thoughts, interests and experiences as a Homemaker and a woman like you. You can find Recipes, Childcare, DIYs, Home making ideas and why not, caring for your ‘self’ too.

Homemaking is an art. But  it’s  is not something someone teaches at an institute. One cannot learn it all of a sudden like a course. No book on earth reads ‘All about Home making : In just 30 days’. Homemaking is something we learn by doing. We keep on learning everyday from our experiences and mistakes. It takes a lot to be a mother and to make a happy family. I always say There is nothing great I have ever done than being a Mother.

So, I always wanted to share my experience of being a Mommy. It may be informative for a brand new mommy or it may be fun to read for a mommy to be. Have fun and come again if you find them interesting.

Happy reading!!!

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