Kick that stress out, in a Kiddy way!!!

“Stress? Yes. Of course I’m stressed, I’m a mother.”

Are you proud of saying this? If yes, think again. That stress you are taking so easily, that stress you have started living with, that stress you just neglect just because everybody say, ‘Stress comes free with motherhood’, is slowly eating all your health, both physically and mentally. Continue reading “Kick that stress out, in a Kiddy way!!!”

A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!

Many of my friends and many who know me and my two kids personally ask me how I manage to get time to write. Not just because the number is 2, but they know well about their stages and nature. I always answer them with a smile, “That’s no big deal”.

Well, That is!!!

I was actually trying to be nice to them. I say now, It really is a big deal. Here, I share with you a day of mine, a sample on how I deal with that big deal. Continue reading “A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!”