Put it in the Oven for baby and me (Baked Potato wedges Recipe)

We all know that deep fried food is not good, for us and our kids, yet we never stop stocking up frozen French fries and Smileys in our freezers. I was a self confessed French fries addict, I used to store everything unhealthy in my freezer only until I learnt to make Baked Potato wedges at home.

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Monsoon, Tea and a plate of hot Onion Pakoda

Yes. Finally, the Monsoon is here.

It was raining this evening. That chillness made my baby girl’s nap get a little longer, just enough for me to make an evening snack. What to make? Nothing else can compliment a rainy evening than a ‘Pakoda & Tea’ combo. My husband and my son love Onion pakoda and I thought, why not today? Continue reading “Monsoon, Tea and a plate of hot Onion Pakoda”