Kick that stress out, in a Kiddy way!!!

“Stress? Yes. Of course I’m stressed, I’m a mother.”

Are you proud of saying this? If yes, think again. That stress you are taking so easily, that stress you have started living with, that stress you just neglect just because everybody say, ‘Stress comes free with motherhood’, is slowly eating all your health, both physically and mentally.

Of course we do the most stressful business on earth, we deal with the toughest bosses under the sun (our kids 😉 ). But, there should be a way to get rid of that stress part. Also, there may be a hell lot of people around you who talk about your stress, but is there anyone who cares about that? No. Because, as I always say, being a mother means, it is only you who cares about you. So today, lets deal with this silent killer called Stress, which could lead us to depression and other most dreadful stages.

They say, ‘The best part of childcare is, you can relive your childhood’. This is so true, being kiddy could never be justified as much as now. Do you know we can apply this best part to deal with the worst part, (i.e) Stress. Yes, that is what I call, ‘Kiddy way to kick the stress out’. This is much easier than any other way you have known so far. You’ll see it for yourself here.

Laugh and Play:


Not just being a mother-playmate, be a toddler, while you play with your toddler. Play blocks, puzzles, dolls, clays and bubbles. Take part in their tea parties, car races and other pretend games. People may thing you are mad. But what they do not know is, you are checkmating your stress and also helping your kid fast develop his skills, without even a curriculum.

Run and Jump:

You always wanted to run around in the park, jump over the bushes, roll over the lawns and do everything silly, but didn’t, ever since you left your high school. I say, why not now? You got company. Don’t worry, nobody will give you that weird look, for them you are just a mother watching out her kids play. So, Enjoy!!!

After a session of running and jumping, you’ll notice you have lost all your stress, and some pounds too, secretly. So never hesitate. Go, sweat it out!!!

Sing and Dance:


This is one magical way, you can start with, right from the day your baby is born. Look into her eyes and sing your favourite. Your baby plays a die-hard fan of you, even if you are one bad singer like me. This, not only cures your post-partum blues, also singing helps in effective communication and better bonding, studies say.

Hold your baby firm in your arms and do simple moves for your favourite song. You will see your baby loves the rhythm of your moves and your heartbeat. And what? What are you looking for? Your stress, it’s gone already. 🙂

This is so much fun. I know.. I am gonna en-roll myself too at my kid’s dance school.

Learn and grow:

Your baby has a rapid and elegant learning curve. Right from the day he is born, he keeps on learning things everyday. Take it from him, learn something new, to keep your mind refreshed. A new hobby, a new cuisine or a new technology, anything to keep you on the go.

If you are one Mom like me, who put a pause to the career for mothering your infant, I’m sure you get haunting nightmares about what is gonna happen next. You tend to get negative thoughts like, “What am I doing? Am I wasting all my time on nothing?”, even if you use all of it productively on your baby. This being one main culprit, that may push you into depression, the best way to deal with this is, spending some time for your own future. Keep learning, keep your skills alive, read, write and make new things. You are not only putting a full stop to your mental stress, but also ensuring you have your own life to live.

Live the moment:

Meaning, stop worrying about your future. Kids are experts in this. Yes yes, I know what you are thinking, kids do not know such a thing called future, they do not have worries. For us, we already worry a lot about our future, now we got one more future to worry about, our kid’s.

It’s all fair. But, you know what? if you follow the above four points, you need not worry about future. Neither yours nor your kid’s, it’s all taken care, then and there, even if they seem to be something so simple and funny. (Scroll up if you want to be sure)


Lets just live this moment and treasure it. Future is sure gonna be brighter than you think.

Did you notice? none of these ideas are procedural. I mean, no strict stepwise procedures like, “Take a cup of water. Swallow it. No no. Don’t swallow it, keep it in mouth for five minutes.. Bla bla bla, Your stress gone”. I feel those stress-busting techniques, these experts come up with are usually boring and make me even more stressed. It is like, “Oh oh. I’m stressed. I need to sit down and do, what was that I read in that site? Yeah.. Let me do that now”. Makes no sense to me. The reason is that, they were not tailor made for mothers like you and me.While, what I share here is just a way of living, perfect fit for toddler mothers.

If any of my friends read this post, they would think that, I could write this because I am this. The ‘Me’ they knew was too much kiddy, taking life as it comes. But what they do not know is, Even I fell for this worst of all stresses, ‘The motherhood stress’. I had to sit down and figure out where the problem lies and this is what I found. “I am no more kiddy. I am no more taking things as I used to be. These motherly responsibilities are making me act like someone I am not”. It was only after I applied the above science, I could see the real Me, cool and kiddy. I feel happy and healthy too.


I coudn’t be happier than sharing this with you, this may help some mothers come out of their stress box. So, please pen down here if you could succeed on your mission.

So Mommies, Lets shoo away that green eyed Stress Monster and say,

“Stress? Who you asking, me? I’m not a ‘Stressbin’. I’m  a Mother” 🙂

Happy mommying!!! Take care!!!

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