A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!

Many of my friends and many who know me and my two kids personally ask me how I manage to get time to write. Not just because the number is 2, but they know well about their stages and nature. I always answer them with a smile, “That’s no big deal”.

Well, That is!!!

I was actually trying to be nice to them. I say now, It really is a big deal. Here, I share with you a day of mine, a sample on how I deal with that big deal.

My hardware:

Before I talk about my day, meet my hardware and their fate.

My lucky charm laptop I was using for years before marriage was recently murdered. Yes, beaten to death!!! ;(


What? You see one of the culprits in the photographs? Oh yeah.. Great!!! You must be some distant relative of Holmes.

My husband’s personal laptop came to my rescue only until my kids plucked all the keys out, one by one. I bet you have never seen a keyboard like this.


I bought a wireless keyboard and the USB pin gone. Again, my kids!!!

No no. No giving up yet. I bought a USB keyboard a week back. So far safe and sound, expecting its fate soon.


What happens all day???

I am a full time mother who dumped a well paid job to nurture her babies. I sit with my kids all day, but that doesn’t mean I have all day to write. Seriously, If I take my laptop out, that laptop becomes the most favourite toy for my baby girl. Okay, may be I write it down by hand. I take a notepad and a pen, my 3 year old boy gets a sudden urge to scribble, only on that same notepad with that same pen.

Even if I deal with all these kiddy problems, getting a ‘calm and peaceful 5 mins’ is impossible at a home of 2 toddlers. So, The gross time I get for writing during day is, Nil or Zero.

So what do I do?

I set up a delay process between my brain and hand. I call it Delayed writing. I see, you don’t get what I say.

Delayed writing:

May be, well I’m not sure, I’m the one who invented this term. So I have my own definition for that.

Delayed writing is a unique kind of writing where the brain gathers all the thoughts, accumulates them through time and sends signals to hands only when they are free to write them down.

We women are multitasking geeks. We actually can do a thing physically while calculating a completely different thing mentally. We can be cutting vegetables, while watching the baby sitting on the kitchen top not to come near the stove, meanwhile counting the cooker whistles, also thinking about how to split the finance next month for the kid’s school fees. (Men can’t do this. Agree?)

Likewise, while I feed my baby, while I sing her that same lullaby and rock her to nap, while I watch them play (or fight) together or while I saute that dish I have made thousand times before, I don’t need my mind to be 100% active on it, so it used to roam around the world. Now, after I started to write, it roams around my recent drafts.

When a thought sparks in my mind, just after I decided to write a post on that, my brain works on it and gathers thoughts during day while I still be physically doing some of my regular stuff just like I said above. At night, only after both my kids have slept, I sit with my laptop and now my brain sends those thoughts to hands to type down, may or may not be in a flow.

After a week or two, those delayed writings would come into a shape of a post. The final fine tuning may take another two three days, and here you get my new post.

Some nights like last night:

Last night just after putting my baby girl to sleep, I looked up, the clock showed 11:30 pm. I did all those final chores of the day, it was 12.

I took out my laptop and booted it up.

Slowwwwwly.. (Not to blame the laptop. It has seen enough yet holding its breath, a slow boot up is totally fair!!!). I thought meanwhile I would keep the milk to boil. A glass of milk for me to get the energy needed for my baby’s midnight feeds.

I opened Chrome ->Wordpress ->Edit blog.. there I heard  “Amma!!!”

My son. He was supposed to have slept already with my husband in the other room. It is an unwritten agreement that it’s my husband’s duty to put my son to sleep. But I swear, he would be sleeping sound right now that he would not have even noticed my son getting down from the bed and going out. (Work Load?)

“Hey, here you are!!! My best buddy (that’s how me and my son call each other). What you doing here?”

“Amma, can you tell me a bed time story”

“Sure dear, anything for my best buddy. Come on here” I gave him a cuddle and put him in bed, started to tell him one of his favourite bed time stories.

By the time he fell asleep, I heard a weird sound from the kitchen. “Oh no, its the milk pan”. I ran back to kitchen. All the milk got evaporated and the empty vessel on stove made that noise. “There goes my milk”. I switched off the stove, threw the pan in the sink, came back to my laptop.

It had slept already and took some time to wake up and realize what it was doing. It was the Edit blog page.. I picked my latest draft. The time is 12:45 AM.

I couldn’t concentrate on writing since I saw my kids getting disturbed by something. I started patting them, while checking what could be disturbing them. A tiny guy buzzed in my ears, “Hey, that was me.” A mosquito. How dare!!!

I turned back and checked the liquidator, it was empty already. Oh dear!!!

I opened the cupboard. Thank goodness there was a spare. I fixed the new refill, ” You are done Mr.Mosquito”

Back to the laptop. Now that all done, I can sit and write. When I told that to myself, my some corner of brain tells, “His homework not done yet”.

Oops.. Yeah. His homework (project they call) for the week was to create a nest model in his scrap book with some bird pictures in it. We collected twigs and dried leafs for a couple of days and pasted them together in a shape of a nest (I hope 😉 ). I left that alone for the glue to dry I remember. I need to paste birds (pictures) now and tomorrow is the day to submit it. A 5 minute work. I will finish it so that I can do my writing peacefully. I thought so and rushed to the kids room. Here you go, the project result, The Nest,


Now I can write. I started again from the Edit Blog page. I had not even written one full sentence I remember, “Mmmmaaaw”.. My baby is up for her first midnight feed. Looks like her timer is up.

I fed her, put her back to sleep and sat down writing again. 1.45 AM. My eyes beg for sleep. But my thirst for writing pulls my Eyelids apart saying, “Only a 5 mins pls pls pls. I will let you guys shut even before it is 2pm”.

“Can can.. “.  I sat down and started writing, only that a drop of tears fell on the Keyboard.

“To get a 5 mins of time for me and my passion,  I had to fight the whole day!!!”

13 thoughts on “A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!

  1. Read it this morning… Very nice illustrations and that breaking of laptops happens at all homes i guess😊 Loved ur post… Amidst all your work n family, u keep rocking with ur blogs… Keep ur good work going on …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Read it this morning… Very nice illustrations and that breaking of laptops happens at all homes i guess😊 Loved ur post.. Amidst all ur work and family, u keep working on your passion. Keep your good work going…


  3. Humorous beginning to the emotional ending ,the flow of your writing gives a wonderful picturesque view,would amuse any one.Let your Passion prevail & that is Right.

    Liked by 1 person

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