A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!

Many of my friends and many who know me and my two kids personally ask me how I manage to get time to write. Not just because the number is 2, but they know well about their stages and nature. I always answer them with a smile, “That’s no big deal”.

Well, That is!!!

I was actually trying to be nice to them. I say now, It really is a big deal. Here, I share with you a day of mine, a sample on how I deal with that big deal. Continue reading “A Mother’s Passion for Writing and how she keeps it going!!!”


The Che(easy) way to make your kid eat some goody good Broccoli (Broccoli stir fry with cheese recipe)

Only we mothers know how tough it is to make sure our kids eat something good and get some nutrition for the day. While the world offers him everything unhealthy in colorful packages we have to be constantly competing with the world to make him eat something healthy.

That too vegetables, there is a big list which we can never make them eat and Broccoli is on top of it. Continue reading “The Che(easy) way to make your kid eat some goody good Broccoli (Broccoli stir fry with cheese recipe)”

Exclusive Festival styles created by Snowyspace !!!

It’s festival time. Born in India just means you are born to celebrate. While its Autumn for the west, which makes October colorful. Here in India, its the festivals. Someone (Don’t know who) rightly said, “Once God was so bored to see the Earth in black and white and he created India”. And, trust me, this is the perfect season to play with the colors.

Snowyspace is here to help you on that. I have created some exclusive festival styles for this season on Limeroad.com.

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Simply spicy, Pepper Chicken

I love cooking. Disclaimer: Simple, easy and less time taking dishes only.

I hate spending too much time on cooking. I mean cutting too many onions (more than 2 is that ‘too many’ 😉 ) grating, beating and stuff like that. Call me lazy or call me ‘A mother who doesn’t want to waste her precious time with kids on cutting onions and potatoes’.
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