…And you thought all she wanted was that Diamond Necklace!!!

“I couldn’t really figure out man. Some thing has really really gone wrong. She is usually a peppy-bouncy girl. In fact, that’s what I love about her the most. But nowadays, she is just the opposite. She looks damn sad all the time, yells at kids for silly things.. I think.. Mm.. she is not happy with me. I don’t think I can save this marriage anymore.”Ā 

“Hey, Easy man. Gift her something. She’ll be happy”

“I do gift her man. Often. You see, I gifted her a mobile for her birthday, a golden necklace for our anniversary. Nothing seems to help”

“Mm.. May be, you should go for something even more costly”

“I don’t know man. A diamond neck piece?”

Are you one gentle man who is so confused like the one above. Do you really want to know how you can make her happy? If yes, come on. Let’s talk.

You know what? your friend is right. You should gift her something really costly. Even costlier than a Diamond neckpiece.

“What is it?”


Hey, hold on. I didn’t mean a wrist watch. You need to gift her ‘Time’.

As ‘Time’ being the most precious thing, if you really can afford it, Read on..

Just like every other gifts. we have options here. Sounds Interesting?

Not much but two. You can pick one or both based on your affordability.

Some of ‘your’ Time:

Well, you know better. We have been talking about this for ages.


Yes, you are a busy man. You have mails to reply, calls to attend and that presentation to complete, all at home. You don’t have much ‘Time’ in hand. But, you know what, She doesn’t expect thaaaat much of ‘Time’ from you too. She is more matured than you think.

Imagine, it was a long day for her with your baby being sick. After all the feeding, patting, wiping and cleaning, its ‘cooking’ now, dinner time. You know she is already exhausted. Okay, you don’t have much ‘Time’ to take charge and give her some rest. So, how about peeping into the kitchen and ,’Hey wat you making today?”.

“Dal” (Expect a one word answer here. Remember she is so badly stressed)

“Mm.. My favorite. Your delicious dal leaves me with no choice but to eat too many rotis. Simply!!! Always!!!”

She is already feeling good, only that she may not show that yet. Don’t worry. Keep chatting. She won’t be able to hide that cheer for a very long time. One ‘happy dinner time’ is right on its way for you and your family.

A quick and cute conversations starting like this can bring out a lot of happiness in her. After all that is all she wants from you. When I say this, she is not being too selfish. This can be a real good break for you too from your ‘Office away from office’.

May be, she is not as trendy as your smartphone or as capable as your tablet or as interesting as your television. But she is a lot more caring than all those dumb machines.

Those machines do not know how you like your coffee, she does. They do not know where you misplaced your car key, she does… (Oops.. I would end up writing a big poem here. And you don’t want to read it right now. We’ll take it to another post)

So, gift your precious ‘Time’ to her than those wired beings to make a happy ‘her’ and a happy family.

2.Some of ‘her’ Time:

Sounds tricky? How can I gift her ‘her Time’?

It actually isn’t as complex as it sounds. Coming to your story, you gifted her a mobile. Did you check whether she gets some time to call and have a good conversation with her close friend? You gifted her a jewel. Did you check whether she gets little time to groom herself up for a special day?

Those gifts can’t make her happy unless she gets some time for herself. She spends the whole day in running errands for you and your kids that she hardly gets some time to sit and relax. If there is someone who can help her on this, it is ‘You’. Yes, if you care enough to share some of those never ending chores, you can gift her some of ‘her time’.


For example, When you see her hanging up the call from her best friend since she is attending your baby, you can jump in and say, “Hey, I take care of the kid. You go catch up with your call”. Easy Queasy right?. And she would tell her friend on call, “Gal, you know what? I’m the most happiest person in the world right now”. .

On weekends, you can take turn and look after the kids for a while so that she can take some ‘Time’ to do something she loves, or go out and spend some ‘Time’ for something she likes, a break that she highly deserves!!! It may be a SPA session, a movie with friends, a beach walk or a get together with her classmates. Just a few hours of ‘Time’ and you meet the new ‘her’,

Just try them out, you’ll see these two gifts can do a lot of magic in your love life than that ‘sleeping buddha’ in the love corner of your home.


Now you know how you can gift her the ever costly thing, ‘Time’, you don’t have to worry about the mails from those retailers on valentines day. You can save those bucks for your second innings of ‘Happily ever after’ days.


Happy hubbying!!! Take care!!!

And don’t forget, A ‘Coffee Time’ a day keeps the lawyer away!!! šŸ™‚


Creative (?) Photography by Snowlin. Share your comments on that too šŸ™‚

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