Freeze!!! with our ‘Tropicle’!!!

I know it has been a while since I posted a recipe. My recent blog on ‘Why I chose to take a break and be a full time mom’ was a big hit and fetched more than a lakh visitors so far. I got little stuck with replying comments and debates there.

Meanwhile, the temperature here makes me feel that the summer is back, with a bang!!! Seriously, Its tooooo haaawt
that our coffee times are now ‘Fruit times’. My boy got little bored of this ‘Fruit time’, he some how changed it into ‘Ice cream time’. I was checking out for healthier options in frozen desserts and got this one, the Fruitsicles. It fits in perfect, it is as yummy as his Popsicles and as healthy as those cut fruits. It’s still the Fruit time for us, while for him it is his favorite Ice cream time. Coool right?

Tropicle_Mango Kiwi fruitsicle3

What’s more cool? You can play with different combo of fruits and give it a funny name, just like I have named this ‘Tropicle’. ‘Fun to make, healthy to take’ is what I love about these fruitsicles. Actually, there is nothing called a recipe here, but if you really want one, here you go,

  • Take Popsicle/Gulfi moulds.
  • Fill them with your favorite fresh fruit juice.
  • Put in your favorite cut fruits.
  • Freeze them for 8 hours or more.

What I have presented here has Kiwi pieces in Mango juice. This is one of my son’s favorite combo.

Tropicle_Mango Kiwi fruitsicle2

Watermelon, Orange and Grape juices are some other perfect bases for fruitsicles. You can also make layered Fruitsicles by filling up a part (say 1/3rd) with one fruit juice, freezing it, then filling with another fruit juice.

Fill, Freeze. Fill, Freeze.. You will get a Fun Feast!!!

Your kids sure will love these Funsicles, oh sorry, Fruitsicles.

Happy Mommying!!! Take care!!!


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