10 Lessons, No one but only my Kids could teach me

Motherhood taught me a lot of lessons. How I can do things (almost everything) with just one hand, how far I can stay patient, how loud I can shout, how long I can stay awake ( and of course, how quick I can wake up), how ugly I can be… Okay, be serious. 

It’s only after becoming a mother, I realized what it takes to lead a life. It taught me what matters the most and it has just changed the way I was looking at things. Keeping them aside, what did I learn from my lovely kids? Our kids indeed teach us some exclusive lessons with lot of ease and grace. We do not realize it or just do not talk about it, because we are too busy teaching them things. So, for a change, come on, lets learn from them.

1. Do what you like:

Lessons from kids3

“What would she think?”, ” What would he say?”, “What if she tells this to everyone?”, “What if he hates me forever?”..  We often live our lives for others rather than for ourselves. I am usually a ‘Do what I Like’ kind of a girl. But post marriage, just like every other woman, I started stacking up a whole lot of ‘What if’s in my mind. It’s only my kids who kicked them out of me. The worst part is, these ‘What if’s are quite dangerous too. They can stop you, when you really have to take step in your life. So, I got this lesson from my kids. I’m gonna live my life all for myself.

2. Laugh laugh laugh until you drop:

Laughter being the best medicine, get prescriptions from your child, how often and at what quantities you can take that. We forget to take this free medicine, then end up paying for costly medicines. A child laughs at silly things. What’s more amazing, he can forgive people, forget things and laugh again in a minute. I can’t even imagine what this world would be, if everyone can follow this. (Really!! No science fiction movie has shown this too I think!!)

3. Cry it out:

Crying heals us. physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. But unfortunately, we have labelled it childish and immature. It has been proved that crying can lower stress and help you release your feelings. So, take it from your baby, Cry it out.

4. Be a Rebel, where you have to be:

Lessons from kids2

We call it tantrums and yes, we do hate it. But if you see it in a new light, it is just ‘Never giving up’. He wants what he wants and nothing or nobody on earth can stop him. This ‘Being a Rebel’ concept is important, especially for today’s women, for we still live in a world that thinks a woman need not have her own desires or aspirations. When something or someone stops you, Be a Rebel and fight for it.

5. Learn from everything and everyone:

Lessons from kids4

That three letter word, ‘EGO’, could find no place in a child’s mind. Everything and everyone are ‘Guru’s for an infant. No wonder why a child’s brain development is a lot more than ours. I think.. Or just may be, if we do not wear that three letter word on our shoulders, we might have continued to have that same pace of growth. Wait, what are you looking for, a study result? well, not yet proved scientifically.

6. Keep yourself busy all the time:

Lessons from kids5

Do you know how babies attain that ‘look’ of an Angel? They are never idle. They give no time for the devil to work on their minds. With the available resources (say, a whole piece of paper), they always manage to set up a new project (say, tearing it into pieces), execute it alone or as a team and roll out the end product (torn pieces all over the house) with so much of pride. No bench, Never.

7. Greet anyone and everyone with a smile:

My 5 month old baby girl does this, that amuses me a lot. When my servant maid enters in, she smiles at her. When we go meet her Doctor, she smiles at her (though she is going to prescribe the vaccinations for the day!!). When a stranger looks into her eyes, she smiles at him. Me, “Oh girl, You slept for only 10 mins. No fair!  I’m already exhausted. Why don’t you gimme a break?”, she smiles at me. There goes my frustration. I sat down and was thinking for a while, ‘Why don’t we, grown ups do this?’, ‘What stops us from doing this?’. I really couldn’t figure out one good reason why we can’t do that. It can spread love, solve problems and on top of that it doesn’t cost me a penny. So I decided, next time when I meet that nursing staff who takes blood samples, I’m gonna smile at her. After all, she is the one I hate most.

8. Redefining the word ‘Beauty’:

A child’s preferences are quite different from ours. Have you ever noticed? It’s not the complexion, good looks or rich outfits that makes one a child’s favorite. A friendly smile, loving words and caring gestures are the keywords here. Any one of any age, any complexion can get entitled the ‘Miss world’ (or Mr.World) by a baby, provided you should be ready to bribe him with loads of Love.

9. No racism:

Oh, come on, seriously, are we still talking about this? If yes, it’s high time we started taking some life lessons from an infant. The color, caste or race makes no difference for a child. He just seems to like everyone equally. In fact, it is us, grown ups who instil these concepts in their mind. If we stop doing that at least, the world will sure be a better place.

10. Above all, If there is something all lives are living for, it’s Love:

Lessons from kids6

What are we living for? Money? Name? Fame? or just Food? Not an easy question alright. But a new born baby seems to be a lot more clear on this. He knows, one thing that keeps a human being alive is, Love. I have felt this crystal clear, there is no use of showering him with money if we can’t afford some hugs and kisses.


As I said already, all these lessons are exclusive, meaning, only a child can teach you.

Happy learning!! Take care!!

22 thoughts on “10 Lessons, No one but only my Kids could teach me

  1. Wonderful! All of us would have learnt at least some, if not all these lessons from our children at some point or the other. I’m still a learner.

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