Think ‘Spicy’? Think ‘South Indian Country chicken soup’!!!

We love Soups, any type, anytime and anywhere. But this season calls for an exotic soup which is really spicy and can really put your nerves in fire. Do you know, the word ‘Spicy’ is just a synonym of ‘South indian food’? After tasting this, you’ll say ‘Yeahhhh!! you are right. Come on, lets make a real spicy soup, the Country chicken soup. Continue reading “Think ‘Spicy’? Think ‘South Indian Country chicken soup’!!!”


5 Reasons why I chose to take a break in my career and be a ‘Full time Mom’

Yes, that was a big decision. That too for a girl who used to be a top ranking student, have worked with 2 software giants, has a lot of dreams and aspirations, it was really a big thing to leave all that behind and be a housewife, though it is for a while. But what made me take that decision? Do I still feel fine about that? I tell you here. It may help a new Mom who is struggling to decide, just like I was then. Continue reading “5 Reasons why I chose to take a break in my career and be a ‘Full time Mom’”

Monsoon, Tea and a plate of hot Onion Pakoda

Yes. Finally, the Monsoon is here.

It was raining this evening. That chillness made my baby girl’s nap get a little longer, just enough for me to make an evening snack. What to make? Nothing else can compliment a rainy evening than a ‘Pakoda & Tea’ combo. My husband and my son love Onion pakoda and I thought, why not today? Continue reading “Monsoon, Tea and a plate of hot Onion Pakoda”

Maggi out!!! MSG still in???

The whole country is talking about the ban on Maggi, the instant noodles for containing more MSG than the permissible limits. While bachelors seem to be not so happy about this, we, mothers see it an Eye-opener. I stopped buying Maggi Continue reading “Maggi out!!! MSG still in???”