How about a hot cup of little ‘ME TIME’!!?

Hi Mommy thr, This post is just for you!!

How about a little sneaky peek into your day..

You woke them up. Got them ready for office and school. Fed them breakfast. Packed their lunch. Sent them. Gave your little one a nice warm bath. Put her for a nap. Straight to Kitchen… Made her food. Oh..she is up. Played with her (Making sure her developments are on track). Yes.. your son is back. Gave him a bath. Fed him. Put them for a nap. Time for laundry now… Put the clothes for wash.. Ironed the clothes for the next day. Oh.. they are up. Made them healthy snacks. Took them for a walk. Back home. Managing them all alone..Now your husband is back.(yet so busy with his mobile) Oh.. Its dinner time. Made dinner. Fed them. Bed time now..  Made them drink some milk. Put them for sleep. Pheww..

Oh.. I almost forget..Those feeding sessions, diaper breaks, cranky moments, tantrums.. etc. You took care of everything all alone.

Well done Mama… You are doing a great job. You spent all your day for your family. But, guess if you ask yourself this simple question, “What did I do for ‘ME’?. The answer is a big fat ‘Nothing’. Women of this era faces a lot of health issues in their 30s itself because we simply do not take care of ourselves. The last generation mommies were blessed in a way that their kids had a Grandma who tells stories and make them sleep, a grandpa who takes them out, an uncle who buys them toys, an aunty who dresses them up and cousins to play and fight with. In our nuclear families, we moms play these roles all together. Multiple roles.. Multitasking.. We forget our appetite, sleep, desires and everything about us. We are too busy caring for our family and we can’t afford to spend some time for ourselves. Here is a small step to make you feel better. The ‘Me Time’.

Here we go,The definition of Me time is, ‘Time when a person who is normally very busy relaxes or does something they enjoy’. It is the time you spend for yourself. For me, sitting in my balcony all alone enjoying a cup of coffee is a perfect Me time.

Why ‘Me time’?

1. To recharge yourself:

According to studies, Me time makes one refreshed and happier. Trust me, no one else needs the ‘Me time’ as much as you do. The never ending chores you do all day (which usually goes unnoticed), drains you of your energy.You need to get recharged for a fresh new day, just like your smartphone. After all you are not a machine. No no. The Me time does just that. It is proven that taking time for yourself has psychological and physical benefits.

2. For a happy family:

Motherhood makes you stressed. A ‘stressed you’ means an unhappy family. It may result in adverse effects on your kids. It may also spoil the healthy relationship between you and your spouse. And you don’t want that. When you start feeling that you are almost out of your mind, it sure is the time for your ‘Me time’. Go ahead and have one. Remember, a happy mother makes a happy family.

3. Because, you deserve it:

Being a mama means you are just taken for granted. You make sure everyone eats well and there will be no one to even check whether you had your food or not. The worst part is that we are slowly getting used to this. There were times, I felt guilty for having my hubby look after my baby while I sit down for my meal or to go out for a walk while my baby is sleeping well near my Mom. It took a while for me to realize that I spend zero minutes for myself. You spend all your time for your family and it’s totally fair if you take some of it for yourself. Never hesitate to ask your Spouse, Mom, In-laws, Caretaker or any trusted person to look after your baby so that you can have a ‘Me time’ break. You do deserve it.

What can be a good Me time thing:

Anything that makes you feel happier, refreshed and relaxed can be a ‘Me time’ thing. It need not always be sitting idle. It can be you and your long time hobby that you left for a while because of your motherly responsibilities, or a new hobby you may find interesting, just like I started blogging. Or it can be you and your friend (may be your hubby) whom you enjoy sharing things with. It can be a walk, a warm bath, a hot cup of coffee, a spa session or just a nice cozy nap. Whichever makes you feel better.

Some Me time things those are as bad as not having one:

In this smartphones era, it is an addiction that whenever we get little time, we tend to go through all our social networking sites. Those videos which are going viral all over the web recently are calling me. It’s fine you check your mails and updates. But it definitely isn’t a good Me time. Spending time with your smartphone or laptop makes you even more stressed instead of relaxing you, both physically and mentally. So, it’s always better to stay away from them when you need a Me time.

So mommies, With all the good things you do for your family, do something good for you too. Today I take pledge looking at my mirror that “I will take care of myself too”. How about you?

Have some quality time for yourself. Spend it wisely.

Take care!!!

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11 thoughts on “How about a hot cup of little ‘ME TIME’!!?

  1. I agree with all ur ideas very thought provoking informative to modern moms.But I don’t know how the working women r going to get benefitted from this…leaving their kids at the creche or even leaving with their grandparents. about ur language I am sorry mine is out dated urs is very modern or ultra modern the style is dynamic,fast running as ur brain is.U shiuld have been born nd brought up somewhere so that ur progress nd achivements could have been greater nd himalyan!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so happy to see you writing blogs, Snow. You are absolutely right everyone needs Me time. But many realise it a bit late or some do not realize at all. Nice flow, and thoughts. ☺
    Keep blogging. All the best!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. About working moms – they get a little time for themselves apart from work stress [like travelling time to office, team lunch/outing, get together etc].
    Fact is working moms do get some refreshment away from home versus stay at home moms whose lives go merry-go-round the same circle.


  4. Very well written Snowlin… Keep writing…

    It’s true that everyone needs personal space to relax and live happily.. Being a working mom, I too have the same opinion of Sajana.. I felt like I was living one of the household machines’ life when I was a house wife. Feel better after started working again. It’s important for everyone to feel satisfactory and happy at the end of day!!!


    1. Very true Viji. But, when you have a new born baby at hand, you can’t think about going back to work too, atleast for a while. Those moms, like u said feel depressed easily. So, taking a me time break can definitely make them happy. For me personally, i felt happy after starting to write blogs. That acts as a good me time for me.


  5. This article on Motherhood(urban) and her “Me Time” is well sculpted.

    When children wakes up with a rooster’s kokarakooo, swim in pond ,eat ripened from trees, make friends in streets, play in church premise, swing in neem tree,go-cycling in all possible roads, indoor games with cousins, moonlight dinner, etc etc…just like us or our parents or grandparents no wonder people had 7,8,9or even 10 children.!!!
    I say this,When children are kept happy by the loved ones and environment around there in native, mothers would have lavish “ME TIME”,but in case of a urban mother, she takes variety of roles (uncle,aunty,grandma-pa,cousin bro-sis,friends etc..) and creates all above fun environment her “ME TIME” goes topsy-turvily!!

    With two toddlers at home like you anni,finding your”ME TIME” is like a flying butterfly.

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